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I've spent the last few months getting the obsy to work. I finally got Stephan's Odroid roof driver to work with my DIY roof- many thanks. I've got a Vixen SXW mount, and would like to create a startup script for the obsy.
I would know if it is possible to use '' in a bash script, or does anyone has any ideas on how to do this. At the moment, I have to change the state of the mount manually.
I know that this isn't a bash course, but just thought that an idea may come out. I've managed to get my gpios working to turn on and off power etc....
Here wishing one and all a happy new year (in advance) and may 2021 be better stargazing for all.
From rainy Brittany, France,

Running raspi Pi 3b and 4, Vixen SXW (Starbook driver), DIY Roll off (Odroid roof driver)