Hi there,

another option is also build an AUX cable in connection with some AVR MCU (e.g. Arduino Beetle). The AUX cable is be plugged in AUX port of the mount and the the AVR via USB to INDI.
There exists a great project project github.com/juanmb/NexStarAdapter where all details are explained. The software running on the AVR MCU emulates the handcontrol. This allows
to use the INDI Celestron AVX driver. In addition one can think about the option of modifying the AVR MCU code provided at github.com/juanmb/NexStarAdapter as a straight pass-through, that is,
one could use the indi_celestron_aux driver. I haven't tested the latter option, only the first. But both option would allow you so omit the handcontrol.
I attached some pictures of the cable/Beetle I built.