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By the moment I have renamed all files and Class inside driver directory. The compilation is done without errors (at least I think so :) ). By the moment the build directory it's not prioritary... maybe this will requires changes the CMakeList file. Now the driver directory is copied from repository to a temporal project folder. Thanks for your help. I hope I'll give to you good news in a few months.


Javier replied to the topic 'How to create an INDI dome driver?' in the forum. 5 years ago

Thanks for your answer!

Sorry, there are not code published in the repository because I don't know how to create the main structure.

According to your recomendation, I think the easy way for srtart with the driver develop is clonning the maxdome folder inside 3rdparty directory and rename it (for example "indi-plcdome"). This is just now the content of the driver directory right now: github.com/jgm1986/MCCM-Robotic-Observat...drivers/indi-plcdome

On the other hand, I don't know if I am compiling correctly the driver... I have executed this commands:

cp -r indi-plcdome/ ~/projects/indi/3rdparty/
cd  ~/projects/indi/3rdparty/indi-plcdome/
sudo make install

If this is correct, I'll remove the unnecessary code and customize the methods with my own code. Thanks for your help!


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I'm working in my free time to improve my final degree project (more info in Spanish: jgusmar.blogspot.com.es/2014/01/sistema-...eoperacion-para.html ). The idea is create a full compliance INDI driver for domes with industrial PLC as control unit. This is the repository where all will be published: github.com/jgm1986/MCCM-Robotic-Observatory

My first problem for start working with the driver develop is that I don't understand how to create a make file that compiles the custom dome code easily. I'm not an expert with C programming. I have read all developers tutorials from indilib.org but wothout luck.

Finally, I think that the driver code folder should contains these files:
- indi-plc-dome.cpp
- indi-plc-dome.h
- CMakeLists.txt

Feel free to fork the repository (brunch: feature/indi-dev) and send a pull request.

PS: The dome with industrial PLC has been installed in the astronomical observatory of Science Museum of Castilla-La Mancha (Spain). I collaborate with this institution since 2014 when my final degree project will be done. Now I would improve this work and publish it as OpenSource/OpenHardware project in GitHub.

Thanks for your help.