I'm not sure how to approach this subject, but I would love to have a discussion with you about ZWO's use of Indi and other opensource software.

I asked a question on their forum, but I think we'll have a freer point of view here.

Here is what I asked them:
The pro version uses opensource software: is this the case on "Plus" version?
If so, by what means do you intend to fulfill the obligations of opensource licenses?
At least the publication of modified code for the LGPL2.1 associated with indi, wich pro version obviously uses for mount control.


There would also be PHD2 / astrometry.net and possibly Stellarsolver, as well as other components further out of astrophotography.
The least thing would be to mention the use of opensource software somewhere, but we can't find any mention of that.
(and to publish modified code at least for indi)
What do you think ?