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Difficult to explain but it is difficult to take the log due to my configuration. But will try.

> what makes you think it sets the wrong date exactly?
I read the time to the HBX, then I open the ekos controler and the time of HBX changes.


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I"m using a NafaBox with my iOptron Zeq25.
The mount is plugged to the computer through the HBX port.
I have a date/time issue almost each time I use ekos. Indeed, if I use the ekos controller to go to one position, it updates the date/time to the HBX with a wrong value.
If I update to the real value, ekos will crash while capturing, during dithering.
If I don't update, It is impossible for me to platesolve images.

Does anyone have an idea how to avoid the difference in time/date that cause all the troubles?


Nice to hear this :).


Is a dev interested by the idea


Hello guys.
I would like to submit a feature request.
Indeed, maybe some of you know NINA. It has a exoplanet plugin very cool. This plugin shows exoplanet ephemeris and it is then easy to schedule which transit we want to record.
With the developer of this plugin we have defined a file output that will be used in Siril. This file contains the coordinates of the target (i,e, the exoplanet) and other stars that can be used for reference.
With this file, it is possible to produce a light curve in (almost) one click and no effort.

I attached the file and a video showing how Siril will use the file (in its 1.2.0 version).

It would be great that more than one software can produce this kind of file. Especially on systems like LINUX ;).



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Here an explanation why your image is reversed: free-astro.org/index.php?title=Siril:FITS_orientation


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The explanation is quite easy. Some RGB images have a CTYPE3 = 'RGB' keyword (for Aladin compatibility). It implies the existence of WCS axis 3.
The missing keywords for axis 3 (e.g. CD3_3) assume their default values. The default value for CD3_3 is 0.0, leading to a singular matrix.

The Cdfix value tests for it and fix. In consequence there is no problem using it. And this is also the reason why we need to extend the size of the tab.


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Hello there. I've opened a MR about an issue I found with the fitsviewer and the ability to detect and parse wcs information.
This is here: invent.kde.org/education/kstars/-/merge_requests/150

If someone wants to review and/or speak with me about it. That would me my pleasure.



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Following the add, I've opened a MR in kstars: invent.kde.org/education/kstars/-/merge_requests/37