I'd love to be able to start the scheduler and let it wait for the weather to clear. 

For example: I'm going to bed at 11pm, its cloudy. I know the weather is going to clear at 3am. I can load a schedule and click start. The scheduler will wait for good weather just like it waits for twilight to end.

Currently, the wait for twilight to end works great. I can load the scheduler and just leave it as long as the weather is good. It starts up, opens the roof, unparks and gets to work. Would be nice if it treated weather like this too.



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Good idea, I'll give it a go. I did have "In-Sequence HFR Check" set to 2 for some reason. I changed this to 5 and it stopped happening. I think I should probably delete all my local settings and start from scratch some day :-)


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I've noticed recently... While running s schedule containing a sequence with autofocus enabled. It takes the first image or 2 then starts focus.
Focus finishes fine but the scheduler overview tab (setup tab) shows focus status is in progress. Its stuck at this point. As a workaround, I go to the focus tab and click autofocus. Then when it finishes the scheduler gets going again.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? This used to work fine until I updated everything recently.



Interestingly, I deleted the first entry with score <0 and then all ok...


Seeing this again tonight. I have a schedule of variable stars and I cannot understand why the scheduler is pushing them out to tomorrow night.
See screenshot.

Maybe I have some setting incorrectly set...



I noticed something strange with the scheduler recently.

I have a script that auto-generates a schedule file based on some external data source (AAVSO observing targets).
This schedule file can contain many jobs. When I load this into EKOS 9 (say at 8pm at night) It always sets the start time of all jobs to tomorrow night. Making it impossible to use the scheduler right now.
However..... If I delete some jobs, save this file and re load it, the scheduler will schedule the jobs for tonight.

I'm not sure what could cause this. Either a bad job or its the number of jobs in the schedule.

I've attached a zip file with the large schedule (15 jobs) that I can't use and the smaller one that works.

Wondering if any scheduler experts could have a look?



Something abnormal happened this evening. I set the scheduler running and it waited until dark to start (all good so far)
I came back later to check how it was doing and the mount was parked but the roof fully open.
Looking into the logs it looks like a coms problem to my mount, the scheduler fails and then shuts-down. However, the shutdown procedure failed and then the roof was left open.

I'm just wondering if there is any way that it should at least try to close the roof/dome if there is a problem shutting down.

Pasted some of the log below.

2020-10-08T21:14:16 Shutdown procedure failed, aborting...
2020-10-08T21:14:16 Ekos stopped.
2020-10-08T21:14:15 INDI devices disconnected.
2020-10-08T21:14:13 Mount parking error.
2020-10-08T21:14:12 Parking mount in progress...
2020-10-08T21:14:12 Warning: mount park operation failed on attempt 4/5. Restarting operation...
2020-10-08T21:14:11 Parking mount in progress...
2020-10-08T21:14:11 Warning: mount park operation failed on attempt 3/5. Restarting operation...
2020-10-08T21:14:10 Parking mount in progress...
2020-10-08T21:14:10 Warning: mount park operation failed on attempt 2/5. Restarting operation...
2020-10-08T21:14:09 Parking mount in progress...
2020-10-08T21:14:09 Warning: mount park operation failed on attempt 1/5. Restarting operation...
2020-10-08T21:14:08 Mount unparked.
2020-10-08T21:14:07 Mount unparked.
2020-10-08T21:14:06 Mount unparked.
2020-10-08T21:14:05 Mount unparked.


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Yes sorry for not clarifying. I replied on the other thread. I have a unihedron SQM connected with INDI. That would be a requirement to measure it. Maybe it does not fit here in the analyse tab as its an external thing


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Thanks for the explanation Wouter,
I had a feeling alright that if it was mid capture it would not flip. This is ok, I'll just try to set what you have set above and I think it will reduce the risk of it not flipping.



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Thanks Hy,

I was thinking of SQM from a unihedron sky quality meter. If there is one is connected to INDI then collect data from it. I think its probably very difficult to estimate real SQM (in units of MPSAS) from an image.
So basically if there is an SQM device and it is connected with INDI, collect that data every x min or at every capture.

Yes, I have that after focus correction :-) As a work around I include a 10second wait in all my Ekos sequences. That 10 seconds is usually enough for the guiding to get back on track. I was thinking to try and not suspend guiding during focus next time and see how it goes.

Thanks again for this amazing feature!