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Full mon from Dec 1th 2020 in LRGB

For this integration I collected a total of 10.000 subs in the .ser format. At Unity gain and -25c i shoot 2.000 subs for LRGB each. I then shoot 2.000 L with a gain of 100, for a HDR L channel. All RGB subs was at 2ms exposure, and all L channel was at 1ms.

Each .ser file was stacked in Autostackert!, then aligned using the FFTRRegistration in PixInsight.

The L channels was combined with HDRComposision, then some curves and unsharp mask. RGB channels was combined, saturated and added to the L channel with pixel math.

I then upscaled the image by 2x.

Scope Equinox 80 PRO APO
ZWO Asi 1600mm-c @-25c
ZWO LRGB filters
Need to get a 2x barlow for these full moon nights :)

Hope you like, and Clear skies!