Hello all, more updates on my side!

Since the last update, I've been hardware verifying all possible operations on AstroHAT and trying to start on the software side of things.
In order to expedite the process of software development and testing, I decided to manufacture 10 AstroHATs v1.1 and make them available for people that are willing to help me out on software development.

What works right now:
- Supply all system power from single 12+ V input
- Power RPi4 with appropriate protections (as specified on HAT documentation)
- 4x 12V channels with on/off via GPIO
- 2x 12V dew heater channels with on/off via GPIO
- Serial breakout for GPS
- I2C breakout for temp/humidity sensor

What needs development:
- INDI driver
- Interface with Power Switch ICs to measure consumption and display errors
- Interface with SPI potentiometer chip to allow tuning of variable voltage (right now it is unset, thus random)
- Interface with Power Switch ICs for dew heaters to allow less duty cycles

Later on:
- Case design
- Sourcing and testing different parts and external things (temp sensor and GPS)

If you think you can help please reach out to me with your details to figure our a way to get you an astroHAT and get started!
Skills needed: Indi driver knowledge, devicetree experience, familiarity with electronics, debugging and related tools and equipment. Any of those would be helpful at this point :)

This is a free-time side project for me. I plan to keep working on it on my free time to support further development and see it through. No promises for time and commitment around it though!
All AstroHAT development (software and hardware) is and will remain open source. I plan to make some kits for people that are interested more widely once we have everything working and tested sufficiently.
The bare cost of PCB+components right now is approximately ~70 USD (remember we opted in for automotive grade electronics.. some are costly!) You can find the full BOM in the repo here gitlab.com/pierros/astrohat
If you want to help with software development and get an early beta board, you could help with that cost too. If not, just helping with software is still totally fine!