Hey all, Pierros here (the dev that started astrohat). Here is a bit of an update so far:

The version 1.2 that is released has been working quite well so far except the following:
- The adjustable voltage channel is not operational
- The sensing of the dew heaters channel is not working

Apart from those two issues that are now identified and will be fixed in 1.3 everything else seems to be working as it should. As a matter of fact astrohat has now been tested for over two months of total night sessions.
I am also happy to report that there are more than 10 astrohats now in the wild ;)
I am working with contributors to release the indi driver and you can follow our progress and general development here:

To answer some questions:
1. We don't have any plans for a focus controller embedded on astrohat yet.
2. When 1.3 is released we will be providing ready made assembled boards for people interested.