Success!  :)

The weather was not great last night, it was a bit hazy with some thin clouds, so the pictures were absolute garbage, but I got a few images of Vega, well enough to focus the telescope and demonstrate that the camera is reading actual data, not just noise or something but nothing worth posting here.  Binning 1x1 works perfectly, however 2x2 binning gives some weird results.  It takes about a minute to try to read out the data.  What comes back at the end seems like it could potentially be reasonable (just testing inside on the table with the 2x2 binning) but I can't say for sure.  In any case though it obviously should not take a full minute to read a 2x2 binned image (a 1x1 bin should take about 2 seconds to read, which it does, and a 2x2 should be about 0.5 seconds to read).

I have attached a packet dump of a 1 second exposure 2x2 bin image followed by a 1 second 1x1 bin image in the same file.  I am also hoping to play around with the cooler a bit today but I can't guarantee when I will have time to do it (might be tomorrow or later this week before I can do any serious testing on that, but I expect that already works anyway since it is the same as the color version).

One other thing I haven't yet tried is taking subframe images.  The options to set the subframe are ghosted out in ekos, so I haven't done anything with that.  Presumably the camera driver is not advertising this capability to indi, but I don't know for sure.  I can't remember if your code supported subframes or not.