I seem to have had some problems with meridian flips lately - intermittent. I do not have a log to show. But playing with it now in daytime I note that the HA given in Ekos, and subsequently the time to meridian flip, does not update when tracking. I have set up a scheduler job to expose to test the meridian flip, and from the moment the job starts to capture, both HA value and time to meridian flip stays stable.
I'm running Stellarmate 1.5.9, Kstars 3.5.7, updated recently but not today. 

In the log (the one produced now) I have lines like this: 
[2022-03-08T17:50:47.012 CET DEBG ][           org.kde.kstars.indi] - Losmandy Gemini : "[DEBUG] RES: <W>, lst 4.828764, ha -0.250125,

If the ha given there is HA, then that one updates regularly. 

Anyone recognize this?