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Lead_weight wrote: So the unattended flip update just lets the 10Micron automatically perform it's own flip when the goto command is issued and the driver detects that unattended flip is on? In other words, is there anything the end user needs to set up or configure differently for the driver change that is coming?

10Micron describes it as follows (It's called unassisted here, the API calls it unattended but it's clear that it's the same thing):

Unassisted flip: when this option is enabled, the mount will
not stop when reaching the tracking limit, but it will begin
an UNATTENDED slew to the other side of the meridian in order
to continue to track the object. WARNING: use this option
with extreme care, because it renders the mount able
to start a slew operation without a specific instruction by the
operator or by the controlling software.

The addition of the 'unattended flip' switch in the INDI driver just controls this setting in the mount.

For the record, flips had always worked for me in the past. I did have unattended flip turned on in the mount controller.

Good to hear.

This new issue reported by Scott, I have been getting in version 3.5.0 as well where the mount attempts to flip every 4 minutes.

Oh, that is bloody annoying. I have not ran into it yet myself.

I seemed to think this was a time mismatch between KStars and the Mount. When I let KStars control the time everything works. But to be honest, I've not had my 10Micron out since the very first day of the 3.5.0 release, and I didn't spend much time looking into whether or not previous time issues could be remedied by not syncing time either way between the controller and KStars.

It probably prevents that issue. EKOS has to be told if it is to upgrade the mount time and location or not. It does not check afaik whether the mount has a GPS receiver or not. So that can cause fights.
I have not seen this issue because I have my GPS receiver not connected and let EKOS control time (i use NTP) and location (fixed).

Also, the 'unattended flip' switch is just part one, the mount has several other calls that are related to flips that need to be added to the driver:
Returns the meridian limit for tracking in degrees.
Returns: NN#
The meridian limit for tracking in degrees.
Available from version 2.11.

Returns the meridian limit for slews in degrees.
Returns: NN#
The meridian limit for slews in degrees.
Available from version 2.11.

Returns the estimated time to tracking end due to horizon / flip limits reached.
Returns: NNNN#
The estimated time to tracking end in minutes of time.

I'll expose them all in some future PR, unless someone beats me to it ;-)

-- Hans