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ZS1RA wrote: My first post here. I had my EQ6R PRO running with Astroberry. I have just received my new Mesu 200 mount and couldn’t find a driver for it. Is this going to be pursued, if so I’m willing to assist in anyway I can. Do know that I know nothing about coding but could make my machine accessible via the Net for development purposes.Thanks

Hi Shaun,

Given the info in this thread I think the best approach for you is to reach out to SiTech as a customer and ask them to rewrite their SiTechExe .NET program like Jasem already said a few posts up to an SDK/API that is usable without their .NET/Mono app.
Ideally this would be an open source driver in C or C++ that can run natively on all of Windows+Mac+Linux, is not limited to Intel architecture and exposes something as well known as the LX200 protocol. But that's probably too much to ask.

-- Hans

ps. I do not have a Mesu mount, but I've met Lucas a few times and think his mounts are really great.