Krzysztof replied to the topic 'Indi duino and sensors' in the forum. 6 years ago

I have used arduino sketch/code from examples included in arduino-ide (or did I download it additionaly? Can't remember to be honest) to test both (different for each one). Both sketches did include some additional libraries which give functions that allow You just to read temperature value and not "some value" that You have to recalculate to get actual temperature value. Although if I would get "some value" that would be something, currently all I see is constant "0" no matter which one I use.
I am trying to understand how does it all work with firmata and indi_duino so currently I am thinking that this might be the problem - both of the sensors which I have are digital, one works on OneWire bus and second on I2C bus (Here I am not sure if firmata code can distinguish that and use proper). From what I understand You do not just read value from these sensors and recalculate it. You have to query them with kind of sequenced signal to get response / read out.
Maybe I should look around for some simple analog sensor and try it? Simple thermistor or something like that...
From the other side in indiduino Meteostation there is exactly the same sensor which I have - DHT22 so it should work I suppose. I just don't know where to look to find out how to configure it all properly... there is not much information how it should be done.
I hope You understand my descriptions, i am really green in this matter.