Hi Patrick,

I have a solution for build only the libindi libraries. The only problem with cmake, is you cannot specify others file that cmakelist.txt. So, you must modify the cmakefile.txt. while do that, you'll have a problem for do a git pull for the update. I suggest to do follow instruction :
1) copy your indi directory to an other (ex : indi2). With that, you save your indi directory and you'll could do the update has when you want.
2) in this indi2 directory, modifiy the CMakeLists.txt like that :
in the build section (~line 83), add an option :

OPTION (INDI_BUILD_OTHERS_DRIVERS "Doesn't build others drivers" OFF)
In the beginning of the AGENT GROUP (~line 567) add
and just before the INDI TOOLS (~line 1875)
3) save the file
4) make a build directory and do a cmake [options] .. follow by a make -j4

You compile only the indiserver and some tools and libindi* necessaries.

I know, is a ugly solution because, if you want to update indi, you will must redo this procedure (and maybe that the cmakelists file will be modify and the lines number different).