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The ZWO appears as a guider in kstars-bleeding.


ferran created a new topic ' Cannot select ZWO ASI 120MM as guider' in the forum. 6 years ago

I'm currently using Kstars 2.4.0 and INDI 1.2.0.
I would like to use a ZWO ASI 120MM as off-axis guider controlling the mount via the ST4 port and a Canon DSLR as the imaging device.
In EKOS I can select the DSLR as both a guider or CCD, but the ZWO only appears in the CCD list.

This seems a little nonsense as the ZWO even has a guiding port which the DSLR lacks. Is there any way to use the ZWO INDI device as guider?

BTW, the ZWO was not working at first (even though in windows works like a charm).
I tried almost everything from upgrading Ubuntu to manual compilation of INDI/driver/Kstars. The solution for me was to use the (windows-only) firmware upgrade utility from ZWO to flash the "compatible" firmware. At this point the cam works OK but only if directly connected to the PC, it almost always fails to retrieve the capture when connected trough a hub. In this situation the USB traffic slider does not seem to help.