Hi all,

I have decided to write an INDI driver for 10Micron GM-series mounts and for two special hardware units that I have designed and written ASCOM drivers for (I also wrote a popular ASCOM driver for 10Micron mounts).

My intention is to test Ekos as scheduler and controller of my remote observatory in Southern France. I have downloaded the new VM and simply like to know which compiler and development packages I need for this venture. I am not unfamiliar with Linux, but have written very little for it. I did, however, write stuff for Unix in the early 80's B).

So, would someone be kind enough to kick-start me with a list apt-gets for compiling the INDI Library and my coming drivers? Another companion question would be whether there are ready made TCP connection stuff that work sort of like the standard serial ports. 10Micron mounts have both serial and TCP connection possibilities.

All the best,


I will, of course, make all drivers available when they are reasonably stable.