Not sure if this is in wishlist - is it possible to set the Main Camera ROI from FITS viewer?
Like using the mouse to draw a rectangle and then say "Set this ROI" and update the main camera X, Y, W, H settings.

Reason I need this is that I am planning to image with an SCT, and would like to adjust the SCT collimation with a Duncan mask - where a star will become a 3 arcs when it comes to near focus. My camera is an Atik 490ex - which is sort of slow in USB2 transfer in full resolution. So I'll be needing the ROI for speeding up the transfer. I can set the ROI manually by observing the area I need with the viewer plus the grid display. Just want to see if there's a more handy way to set it "visually" where I can select a region from the FITS viewer, and turn it into the ROI.

Thanks & clear skies