First time trying this out tonight. I have auto star selected. The green box moves to a location that sometimes has a star, sometimes doesn't, then calibration starts. After the first move I get the following error:

2020-09-17T20:28:36 Lost track of the guide star. Try increasing the square size or reducing pulse duration.

Calibration pulse durations are at default and I can see the guide star (when one is selected) does move with the step. I tried bumping the pulse up to 3000 which made no difference.

I've tried the square at all sizes. Presently it is at 128. I've tried without auto star but it seems to do the same thing regardless. Switching back to the Smart algorithm seems to work.

Link to an image and log file from a failed attempt below. FYI - the star shapes are odd looking due to the astigmatism created by the ONAG.