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I had my first nights using SEP Multistar this week on two different rigs. Fantastic work on this and the guide logs.

One one scope, SEP Multistar seems to "just work". The other not so much out the gate, though I will spend more time with it in the next days. Mainly, the system would not find a guide star. I posted another topic about this here:

If Jasem is correct in the star shape being critical, this will make SEP Mulitstar difficult to use for ONAG implementations that have astigmatism as a feature.

You asked "what's next" and I have a few ideas:

- Auto-tuning of the PI controller
- Represent min/max values in arcsecs of movement based on discovered pulse dimensions that are seen in the options dialog for calibration.
- Auto-scaling of the min/max setting in cases where the calibrated values of ms/arcsec change. I've seen them change enough to think this might be a good idea. Maybe they shouldn't change and I need to chase a problem?
- Have proportional gain be a percentage of the ideal for a given mount's rate. For example, a mount that uses a rate of 0.5 == prop gain 133.3, so setting 100% uses that rate, 50% cuts it in half, 150% does the expected, etc.

Also, one thing that I've wished I've had way too many times is the actual guide log relative to a given exposure embedded in the fits header of subs for easy analysis. Eventually we could have a tool that allows you to open a sub and look at what happened with the guiding while it was exposing.

Thanks again for your hard work on this!