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(Beginner question, sorry)
I'm setting up an RPi to run IndiServer components to communicate with connected hardware all driven/controlled by KStars/Ekos on a remote (LAN) connected Mac (so I can be warm indoors). I'm NOT running KStars/Ekos on the RPi (not using VNC ...).

To use offline astronomy.net for plate solving, polar alignment, etc. do I have to:
1. Add the "Astronomy" module to the Ekos IndiServer profile ?

2. Setup (python, etc) on the RPi and download the astronomy data to the RPi ? (I've enough space but processor is only a RPi3.

i.e. is the plate solving etc. carried out in the Ekos client or on the IndiServer or is there a config choice necessary.

Sorry if it's a basic question (I have searched around and played around - but fr testing I've installed astronomy stuff on the Mac to run using the simulators).