Fran├žois Meyer replied to the topic 'Skywatcher protocol' in the forum. 6 years ago

Great, thanks.
I have here the pdf output of a spreadsheet I used to compute my configuration ;
or its gnumeric source :

it might help making sure we are talking of the same things (I just realized it's half french/half english, but
neither should be a problem :)
The controller timer frequency is 80 MHz (these are microchip uno32, one per axis), period 0.125 us.
This gives me a period of 0x0000db206 at sidereal speed, and 0x00703 at 500x.
One difference is that (at least in its current config) the mcmt32 setup cannot alternate between ustep and full step (this limits the maximum speed, but its not a problem) ; so I think I have to set that HighSpeedRatio ratio to 1.
Unless mistaken, that seems all clear.
at least for now... I'll probably be back with additional questions, if you dont mind hanging around this thread for a few days...
thanks again.
Oh, while I am here, it seems you have followed that very same path, ending in creating a GEEHALEL mount type in eqmod.
Could/should there be (once I am done with fixing the firmware) an MCMT32 type in eqmod ?
F. Meyer