Fran├žois Meyer replied to the topic 'Skywatcher protocol' in the forum. 6 years ago

Ok, all this makes sense.

In the skywatcher code, what are Breaks, TargetBreaks BreaksIncrement and so on meant to achieve ? Are they somehow here to manage acceleration on motion start and deceleration on motion stop ? The current mcmt32 firmware has builtin acceleration/deceleration ramps, so my feelling is I could just ignore breaks. Am I right ?

(mcmt32 is not my design, its a collaborative project, but key people in the project are windows inclined. All I did was making some housework in the firmware and
trying to write an indi driver for it ; but finally I think it makes more sense to take advantage of the larger community of eqmod and try to convert the firmware to an eqmod-compatible one).

Bon Courage

Grazie mille :)