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I have a custom MC (aiming at being) eqmod-compatible.
I am -mostly- completely lost in the tabs of the driver, confused with 2 align tabs, unable to understand the logic of parking,
nor the management of pierside and so on :)
Lets start slowly:

1. how does parking work (I am confused with this so probably I am misunderstanding something) ?
I see parking data as a couple of encoder values, a couple of alt/az values (plus maybe a pierside) and that
completely defines parking position. Due to my obs configuration, I need to park in the meridian and 0 alt, west of pier ; how do I tell that to the driver ?

2. my gotos do not complete : scope moves to the right coordinates, tracking resumes, but the driver does not get out of slew mode.
Here is a test drive :
sync is set to standard sync, align is set to no alignment (there are 2 tabs, 1 called "align", the other called "alignment"... what is the link ?), horizon is disabled,
scope is unparked, tracking, synced, horiz coordinates are correctly updated, eq coords dont move.
From kstars I goto (more or less 2 deg each dir) ; attached is a log, and 2 screen shots before/after goto.
the mount pointer has disappeared, because coordinates have gone wild after the driver decided that the scope has jumped
on the other side of the pier, while the mount correctly performed the desired goto, without flipping whatsoever ;
but the main question is why the goto is not complete according to the driver.

any help will be highly appreciated :)
ty in advance.

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