François Meyer replied to the topic 'eqmod pierside management' in the forum. 6 years ago

Hi, thanks for the insights. Ive been out for a while, sorry for the late answer :

Concerning parking : I think the problem is in my management of encoders value ; my mount "encoders" value are just microstep counts from
the origin ; at power on, these encoders are (currently) initialized to a hardcoded value ; I set that value at half its (24 bit) range (0x800000) which
is enough to encode 360° each direction without overflow (I have 0x753000 usteps per rev).
From what you wrote, I think that at power on, I have to initialize them at the same value that is stored in park data ? Or does the indi driver
tell the mount the initial value of its encoder when it is parked ? I am still a bit lost, I must admit.
Concerning pier side, I think its closely related to the problem above, so I need to first settle concerning the first point and then
rethink the pier side problem accordingly.
Concerning goto not terminating, I think there is a problem in my firmware ; I am investigating. and I cannot follow the procedure you suggested me
unless I first solve point 1.
So I really need to understand how encoders value are initialized/set/exchanged between the mount firmware and the driver.

Thank you again.