After some time, I restarted playing with Ekos and Indi. The previous days, I had the same problems that I had a year ago. When capture a frame no star fields were shown, robofocus crashed all the time, camera crashed...
Setup: SBIG ST8xme camera w. internal CFW8 filterwheel, AZEQ6 eqmod, robofocus.

Today, I removed the whole indi+kstars, reinstalled it from the ppa, and installed the newest KDE plasma from the backports ppa of my kubuntu distro. Finally no more errors and it all seemed to work. It seemed the newest KDE plasma / Kubuntu upgrade did the trick. YES!!!

But I encountered some small issues for Ekos:

1) Focus Module in Ekos: when I choose the filter to focus and then click "capture", it doesn't change the filterwheel. When I use the sequence/capture module, or set the filter manually in Indi, the filter does change. The "Lock"-box in the focus-module is unchecked. This means, if you want to focus for a certain filter in the focus-module, you have to go to the indi-control-panel and select the filter there manually, then go back to the focus-module to focus for this filter. I think, when selecting a filter in the Focus-module, the focussing should change the filter to the filter that is set in the user interface and filter there.

It's also not really clear to me how to view the total CCD frame when I click "capture". The software seems to search every time automatically for a star. The total CCD frame appears for a few seconds, then the star is shown. If it runs flawlessly, this is probably handy, but when you work manually step-by-step and try to solve some problems, this is not very handy.

Also maybe a tip: it would be handy to have a running-wheel indicator on the capture-button to show that the image is busy being captured. I've seen this implemented in the Align-module, but not in the Focus-module.

2) Robofocus: I found that under the "settings tab", I have to set the 'Duty Cycle', 'Step delay', 'motorsteps per tick' manually. Even when the correct values were set correctly loaded and set from the loading of the driver! I had 1 time a robofocus that started to jump between values, but when I connect now and set the values manually, it works and robofocus driver seems stable and doesn't have it quirks. Maybe this is a bug, maybe not... Future testing have to make this clear.

3) Is it possible to have an extra button "warm up" button in the indi SBIG driver? Next to the cooler On/Off would be great. I know you can execute it manually in Ekos, but it would be very handy if I could warm up the CCD from the driver in the indi-control-panel.

4) In the Align-module, when the solver doesn't find the location in the first run, it will try to re-run the solver a few times again. Now, when the solver is 1st time run, you can click "Stop" in the solver control. When the solver is started again for a new attempt, then the Solver-control jumps back to the standard settings. The button "stop" is then greyed out, and "capture&solve/load&slew" are active again. This way, it's impssible to stop the solver from Ekos.

Otherwise, it's my impression that the software has improved quite a bit! Nice piece of work! I'll test further to use it on my "production" nights.