For the focusing problem: he didn't find a guidestar and I was staring to a black screen. When I took an image on the CCD capture tab, he showed a field full of stars. That's why I presume there was something with the shutter or something.
Error is here:
2016-10-05T22:00:15.476 - DEBG - Focus: "Failed to automatically select a star. Please select a star manually."

For the scheduler: I attached the logfile of the evening.
Error is somewhere here:
2016-10-05T21:53:27.162 - DEBG - Scheduler: "Found candidate job M 31 (Priority #10)."
2016-10-05T21:59:50.156 - DEBG - Scheduler: Checking INDI State...

What is the EquatorialToHorizontal note in the logs... I don't know

(ps: all the logging was on verbose)