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Hello Fellow Mac users,

I recently built a DMG for testing the Mac build before the release of 3.5.5.  I was planning on sending this out on this forum about a week ago.  After I built it though, I found what may be a very significant bug.  So I asked for a delay in the 3.5.5 release.  I am not sure that it is actually a bug, however, it may just be some configuration issue specific to my machine.  But if it is really a bug, we should try to get to the bottom of it.  I haven't yet been able to determine a cause, but if. some folks can test to see if they have the same issue, then that might really help.  So I guess there are really two points to this beta:

1. Please, as usual, test to see that everything works well for the release in the Mac build.  Let me know of any Mac specific issues such as things not working like they do on Linux, dbus not working properly (such as in the scheduler or scripting), INDI drivers not included as they should be, or other similar issues.  Keep it just to Mac issues that are specific to this DMG please since I have my hands full right now.  As far as I can tell the bug below is the only significant issue holding us back and it shouldn't affect anyone actually doing deep sky imaging with real equipment.

2. Please, if you are willing, test to confirm the bug that I found, and maybe if you can find the conditions under which it might occur on your machine.  The bug is as follows:  If KStars locally starts up an INDI server (not connecting to one already started) that includes Guide Simulator, KStars crashes on the INDI Server startup.  At least in my testing, it seems if the INDI Server is already running or if the Guide Simulator is not included in the profile, the crash does not occur.  Incidentally, this does mean that if you start up the INDI Server in the Simulators profile from KStars with Guide Simulator included and it does crash, the INDI Server will still be running, so if you start up KStars and try the same experiment again, it will look like it works fine if you connect to the already running INDI Server.  So to test a second time, when that popup comes up that says and INDIServer is already running, you would need to tell it to start up a new one, then the crash may occur again.

The beta is posted here: