Hi all out there, i am new in this problems .
I bought an Ioptron GEM 45 G for my new Apo . All worked fine , but i think i have a driver problem with i Guider for guiding .
I work with a RP 4 an a windows laptop i5 with stellarmate 1.7.0 newest version .
All devices recognized , but the builtin IGuder from ioptron disconnect after several seconds / minutes spontaneously ??? I used Iguiderdriver, V4L2, Indi-Webcam driver,
but no properly function . If i used the connection Ioptron GEM 45 G directly to the Laptop , all cams ok und all functions ok . So i think problem is a software-Driver problem ???? I am very sad to put away my life time ; ((((((( I am 66 years old and i need your help .
Best regardsRainer