Knopp created a new topic ' Ekos and Ioptron GEM 45 G probs' in the forum. 2 years ago

Hello guys , i fight since several weeks with my new Ioptron GEM 45 G .
Else with the new stellarmate os 1.7.1 , not all devices running .
Ioptron iguider is without any function and since 1.7.1 ASI EAF Focuser is not visible for indy . It's very frustrating .
Is there out on the earth anyone how work with ioptron GEM 45 G and stellarmate os ?
I would be very happy if anyone ( Wouter ? ) , can help ?

My setup
TS 76/342 EPDH - ASI 1600 MC cool , Ioptron GEM 45 G - with
ipolar and iguider internal as part of the mount , powered USB 3 HUB ,
Rasperry Pi 4 B 8 GB, ASI EAF Focuser, GPS Dongle .

I hope of a lot new ideas !
Best regards