Knopp replied to the topic 'Ekos and Ioptron GEM 45 G probs' in the forum. 6 months ago

Hello Max , did you play with the driver options
such as in devices/ccd/webcams described ? I cannot understand, why a simple webcamdriver is not possible to build for a simple webcam in 2022 !!!! in a mountpackage GEM 45 G for more than 3000 € . Developer said Ioptron must help , ioptron said thirdparty developers must react ?
Many of us use recently
the possibility to control the Equipment via Rasperry Pi . I think ioptron didn't know that ? With Windows 10 pro and ascom driver Ipolar and iguider worked both fine . With rasperry Pi only ipolar work properly. My second way is a second !!!!!! guiding scope with a additional second guiding cam , with not so much sense . That speaks not for the manufacturer !
Best wishes Rainer