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because of the heat, my meade dsi has several hot pixels
and the internal guide always tries to follow a defective pixel and returns an error
using a dark does not solve, only the "median" effect works
it would be useful to say not to use small stars less than half a millimeter :)


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Now I have deleted the files:
and restarted the program, No problem.

I updated the data on asteroids and comets, from menu: Data->Updates
No problem.


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Sorry for delay reply, not have more much time.


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Kstars stops abnormally without error in the kstars log, segmentation error.

For now workaround is delete:

Attach gdb log, where is reported:

Thread 1 "kstars" received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x00005555556c3b25 in SkyObject::translatedLongName (this=0x555558d615e0)
    at /opt/Astronomia/indi_ekos_build/Projects/kstars/kstars/skyobjects/skyobject.h:171
171	    QString translatedLongName() const { return i18n(longname().toUtf8()); }


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Related to the new Nexstar firmware update:
New Firmware

In my case I have to use version: NXS 98.22 ( error 17.5 year in the past ).

This upgrade, conflict with Hibernate option in code ( defined possible in the Firmware > 5.21 ).

Thanks, bye.


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Hi, I want to explain some problems encountered.

1) In celestrongps the setting "pulsecmd" is always ON
even if I set it Off in the settings and save, at restart it is still On ..does it not save?
With this option On, the celestrongps guide fails.
( see the image, pulsecmd.jpg, captured at restart after I set it Off and saved )
I added my personal patch for the On setting as a Default option ( celestrongps_patch_indi.diff )

2) Now the scheduler captures two image instead of one ..Do I have to set any options in the ekos settings?
( any time an image is captured ..It starts double capture, you can see if you search in big log: Capture State "Aborted".
Fortunally when object is captured, the mount moves to a new object and the double capture aborts itself
Only the last object on the list is captured twice ( the situation is recreable with simulators )
( 09 May git is OK )

3) Some time ago I posted a message where it speaks of a problem with the passage from the guide to the capture in the scheduler.
It's too fast, and naturally, capture starts before the guide really started.
( in my case 15 seconds are required before autostar selects a new star and starts guiding )
For now I solved with my patch, it always resets the guide calibration, in this mode it recalibrates every time,
and capture start when guide is really in action. ( reset_guide_patch_scheduler.diff )
Is it possible to add a delay before the start of the capture?

Another little information, the Celestron GPS does not report the Firmware of GPS, is it normal?
( see image: gpsfirmware.jpg )

I saw that the scheduler is being rewritten, for me the scheduler is a very very important part of Ekos.
If want I'm available for testing.

Thanks to all the developers for their hard work.
Best regards.


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After 14 days of clouds, I fill in everything and start to measure asteroids with astrometrics, I capture 2 images of the same object spaced by an hour,
all this for about 20 objects:
1) Launch kstars
2) load scheduler with all object
3) update asteroids coordinates at hand ( would it be possible for objects to update the coordinates themselves? )
4) start session
5) caputre 2 object and CRASH all ..ekos ..kstars ..all!!!
:( :( :( :angry: :angry:

Attach log.


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