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Try with SW Windows app Motor Controller Firmware Loader or Synscan app.serial version.
You can eliminate cable related concerns if it works.



Hi Paul,
I am using AZ-GTI with ZWO 120MM-S
change binning 2x2 and exposure 3s
box 32 some times worked, but 64 is working with my setup
clear skies,


update to my experience with Stellarmate 2.44 app.

1- SM application on my Samsung mobile crashing in random cases. sometime 2-3 min intervals, sometime 5-10 min. but eventually it is crashing.
    No matter what I am doing in the app doesn't changed this behaviour.
   The only thing I can verify, it is only crashing when I started an equipment profile, in standalone it is not crashing.

2- Port Selector and mount IP address save issue is no longer a problem, I believe this is resolved with the latest updates.

3- Pre-set profiles still disappearing, I am creating those profiles in every session. some times after app crashes.

4 - In the Targets tab the pictures of the stars, galaxies etc not visible anymore.

5- App responses sometimes really slow, browsing between tabs, or trying to close or save an dialog not happening instantly.

My Raspberry Pi is in an plastic enclosure and from the desktop of SM OS, WIFIsignal level shown as full strength.
I am now using VNC to access SM desktop, I had no issues with VNC.

After experiencing all these issues I recognized that I am happy with Kstars and VNC at all.
The only thing is useful with SM App is polar alignment, otherwise I need to see my laptop screen during alignment which is not possible every time.

Thanks in advance




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Yesterday my mobile updated Stellarmate app to version 2.44.
When I try to start an Equipment Profile, Port Selector button not responding. So I can't change scope IP etc.
Ekos tab showing "please wait while syncing", but it is not ending.

sometimes Ekos tab opening but, this time most of my scope properties are missing(AZGTI- eq mode)
CCD properties are OK. all features are accessible in related tabs.

Another issue I had with Stellarmate app from the beginning with V2.43 and V2.44
all my preset profiles are somehow disappearing between sessions.
I am creating all preset profiles from scratch most of the time.

I tested my setup with local Kstars within SM and a remote one on my laptop.
Both Kstars tests went well, all profiles starting as expected, all device features visible in related tabs.

I can reproduce the failing setup if further info required



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After installing SM1.7 there is significant increase in CPU usage.
I found "mutter" process constantly using one of the cores.
top output attached.


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Hi Jasem,
Yes I am using SM1.7
I have ZWO ASI178MC  and ASI120MM-S
both are working fine.

Dolookup and clear skies,


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Hi Jacobo,
I also tested SM1.7 OS last night, I am using SW AZ GTi mount,
Mount IP address issue same, when I go to port selector, every time it is showing mount's default IP But I am using home router's WIFI.
I tried to save mount's config in Ekos with no success.

West East buttons reversed also happened in my setup. South/North are OK

I believe it is not related with mount type.



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I've tested ZWO 178MC with no issue at all.
better to check USB 3.0 port and cable.
I am not using the stock ribbon cable, too long and not looking good for USB 3.0 transfer.


Hi Jay,
I have a similar setup with SW Virtuoso mount, I am using Skywatcher Alt-Az driver. But, I am guessing you need to use SW Alt-AZ-Wedge version.
I made a DIY serial to WIFI adaptor with WEMOS d1 mini pro board.
I managed to connect my mount. it was not easy in the first place but it is working for me.
Mount <-> Serial to WIFI <-> INDI Alt-Az driver
check your IP addresses and port number, default is and UDP port 11880
if you are using your home WIFI, first change WIFI setting in your mount with Skywatcher mobile app.
hope this would help.


Hello Ben,
thanks for your update,
this is explaining why I was successfully connecting from Arduino Serial0
but on teensy serial1 was in my setup



you are so right, this is not happening on ArduinoMega2560
I had a ArduinoMega laying araound, and test showed, original driver is working as expected on ArduinoMega

If you want to buy a Teensy go ahead, because it is worth to have one.
But as I know Teensy 3.5/3.6 is on the way (


Hello Alain,
my hardware setup is as per below;

OnStep (Teensy3.2) <=> FTDI Serial (ttyUSB0) <=> RaspberryPi2 <=> "indiserver indi_lx200_OnStep" <=> WiFi/Eth <=> Kstars on Win7 PC



as I said I have changed "lx200driver.cpp" source and now every time I am able to connect without any intervention

I just disable checking condition in "check_lx200_connection" function

//if (nbytes_read == 1)

I know I broke the driver mechanism, and is not working properly, but it worked for me now.
may be this will direct you how to fix it properly