Kemal YILDIRIM replied to the topic 'Stellarmate App 2.44 update' in the forum. 6 months ago

update to my experience with Stellarmate 2.44 app.

1- SM application on my Samsung mobile crashing in random cases. sometime 2-3 min intervals, sometime 5-10 min. but eventually it is crashing.
    No matter what I am doing in the app doesn't changed this behaviour.
   The only thing I can verify, it is only crashing when I started an equipment profile, in standalone it is not crashing.

2- Port Selector and mount IP address save issue is no longer a problem, I believe this is resolved with the latest updates.

3- Pre-set profiles still disappearing, I am creating those profiles in every session. some times after app crashes.

4 - In the Targets tab the pictures of the stars, galaxies etc not visible anymore.

5- App responses sometimes really slow, browsing between tabs, or trying to close or save an dialog not happening instantly.

My Raspberry Pi is in an plastic enclosure and from the desktop of SM OS, WIFIsignal level shown as full strength.
I am now using VNC to access SM desktop, I had no issues with VNC.

After experiencing all these issues I recognized that I am happy with Kstars and VNC at all.
The only thing is useful with SM App is polar alignment, otherwise I need to see my laptop screen during alignment which is not possible every time.

Thanks in advance