Lars created a new topic ' USBFocusV3 jumps to zero, why ?' in the forum. 5 months ago

I have some strange problem. Sometimes when doing auto focus it goes allt the way to zero. Not very often but I had this problem at least three times.

I have the USB Focus V3. Astrobarry 204.

Good focus is around 63900, limit at 65000.

Someone have any idea why it doing like this ?

Include some screendumps


One of the focus point almost at zero but correct fous at 63900 where most focus points are..


Limit set to 6500. There are also two error messages:

"WARNING] Error reading response for command FPOSRO: Timeout error. "

"WARNING] Invalid response for command FPOSRO: missing cr+lf "

What does the command FPOSRO do ?