Lars created a new topic ' Mount lost orientation at first start' in the forum. 5 months ago

I have notice now when I got the GPS dongle to work that I have a little problem when starting up the equipment. The telescope pointing in tottally wrong direction, it's like that I live in Australia buy living in North. It doesn't help to restart KStars, but if I reboot Raspbarry it works after that. But the strange thing is that when I look at KStars window and Ekos mount information it has the correct position and clock.

I think it has something to do with the GPS, it take some time for it to lock on satelittes. From GPSD I refresh the GPS data but that doesn't help either.

Someone else who have this problem ?

Earlier I had it setup that it took the position and clock from internet. Is it possible to setup that it take the position that is stored in Raspberry when it doesn't have a GPS lookup at the start, later when it has a GPS lock it updates the position and clock ? In my case I don't have any battery backup of the Raspbery clock, but the time I can transfer in someway from the smartphone or the pad.