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Yup, there's definitely something wrong with the current head, as compiling version from just before the C++ std::thread changes works fine, but current head gets stuck quite easily during autofocus with my ASI178MC. I thought at first that disabling subframing would have helped, but that was not the case after all, it just took a bit longer to hand. Have to debug that later, busy imaging tonight.


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Thanks for the heads up, I also found a few similar cases in other places and submitted them as PR at github.com/indilib/indi/pull/997


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At some point Ekos defaulted to resource constrained mode on Raspberry Pi and wouldn't debayer color images unless explicitely enabled unlike on Mac / PC. Worth checking that too.


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One useful addition to the udev-rule is also create a symlink in case there are also other devices using ttyACM*, mine is:

SUBSYSTEM=="tty", ATTRS{product}=="USB_Focus", SYMLINK+="focuser", ENV{ID_MM_DEVICE_IGNORE}="1"

so it's always /dev/focuser


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For ScopeDome I originally added the option for park to control shutter as Ekos only (un)parks the dome and doesn't close the shutter so it can work both ways. The same functionality could be in the Dome base class, which might unify different drivers, or then it could be defined to work one way or another and clients accommodated accordingly (having the startup and shutdown procedures more flexible in Ekos would help here so parking and closing shutter could be two different operations is needed). For the most part I let parking control the shutter too but occasionally it's useful to be able to unpark the dome without opening the shutter. Rotating to let snow melt from other side of the dome in the sun comes to mind :)

As for the scheduler partitioning, untangling observatory startup and shutdown from the scheduler is very welcome as currently I have to run a slightly modified Ekos version that performs the startup and shutdown operations in a different order than default. Currently the structure is very rigid state machine even though it could in essence be just a list of operations that need to complete for the scheduler to proceed, be it running scripts or (un)parking equipment. Optionally the list items could have dependencies to other items that need to complete successfully so that for example roll off roof doesn't close if mount fails to park but for example parking cap could still be completed even if some of the preceding items fail. I suck at designing user interfaces though :)


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INDI driver also has control for it, HighSpeedMode on Controls page. Unfortunately the control names are not always the most descriptive, they are enumerated from the ASI SDK as they also slightly vary between cameras.