Thank you, especially out.log looks interesting, everything seems to go normally, the dome connects and commands seem to get valid data, but then it just dies.

<message device="ScopeDome Dome" timestamp="2021-08-25T18:02:32" message="[DEBUG] read response: 8056"/>

2021-08-25T18:02:32: Driver ./indi_scopedome_dome: stderr EOF
<delProperty device="ScopeDome Dome"/>
2021-08-25T18:02:32: Client 0: queuing <delProperty device='ScopeDome Dome' name=''>
2021-08-25T18:02:32: Driver ./indi_scopedome_dome: restart #1

This shows the driver has crashed and indiserver restarts it.

2021-08-25T18:02:32: Driver ./indi_scopedome_dome: pid=6114 rfd=3 wfd=7 efd=8
2021-08-25T18:02:32: Client 0: sending msg copy 1 nq 9:
<message device="ScopeDome Dome" timestamp="2021-08-25T18:02:32" message="[INFO] Steps per revolution read as 8056"/>

If you can run the indiserver under gdb, that would show where the driver crashes and would help fix the issue.

The command line for gdb needs a few flags, something like: gdb --eval-command=set follow-fork-mode child --args indiserver -v ./indi_scopedome_dome

then type "run" and connect normally to indiserver and if/when the driver crashes, "where" would show the place and stack trace.