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I have a SPC900NC webcam with long exposure mod through parallel port and I wonder on how to use V4L2 Indi driver with it. Just now I only see options for serial and Led controls in Ekos. Looking the sources, I see that indilib/lib/lx.cpp defines options to control also with parallel and GPIO (RPI) but they are commented. It seems that they are not implemented in Lx::startLx() and Lx::stopLx(). I'm right? If so are they planned for the future?

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Yes, you have to install it

sudo apt install oxygen-icon-theme

Point 26 in indilib.org/media/kunena/attachments/332...imageforKStars-2.pdf



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I'm trying to set-up autoguiding with my telescope (EQMOD) and a Raspberry Pi 3. I need to buy some gamepad for controlling and I'm planning to use a bluetooth gamepad using the BT capabilities of the RPi3. Does any one accomplished this? Could you recommend me any model supported in linux?

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I mean delete the files. Of course, you could/should make a backup instead, for example renaming with an arbitrary prefix.

Take the tip from this comment and later viewed here.

This works for PTP cameras only while your setting affects to all kind of media.



Hello rlancaste.

Thank you for your instructions. Vino sugestion save me a lot of time.

About auto-mouning of Canon camera preventing gphoto2 to use it for thetering, a solution is to delete this files and reboot. The camera will be no blocked any more, so you have to mount manually if you want to access it with the file manager.


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