Jasonmur wrote: ...I decided to give the hotspot a go because I might try some dark sky imaging this year, but for the life of me I can't remember my hotspot password. I can go into the pi's desktop through vnc but it wontw seem to let me edit it, unless I know said password.

any help would be much appreciated...

Hi Jasonmur,

I had the same issue before and had to find the password in the Github script. I think the password for the Field WiFi is the name of the Field WiFi access point and then suffixed with '_password'. For example, if your FieldWifi access point that you want to connect to is called "MyPi_FieldWifi_5G", then the password would be "MyPi_FieldWifi_5G_password" (follow same approach for the 2.4GHz access point which does not have '5G' in it).

Source, lines #422-428: