Raw 16 is the right one. Then you have 16 bit per pixel that means you get the (chip origin)12 bit multiplied by 4 in the files. These files must be debayered.
RGB 24 means 8bit per colour, you get a ready coloured picture (the cam debayers it for you) but the dynamic is compressed to 8bit.
The ampglow of this chip is caracteristic for it. It even got named "starburst" glow. The glow gets stronger with exposuretime but can be calibrated out well with darks.
The darks must suit well: Same temperature and exposuretime is essential. Also avoid long exposuretimes (not more then 5min).
There is a really long thread on cloudinights about this as I mentioned before. Google for "IMX 183 starburst jon rista cloudynights".