Andrew created a new topic ' Wishlist. GPhoto Burst Mode' in the forum. 5 months ago

GPhoto is capable of supporting Burst Mode. In which it will capture images to RAM and download simultaneously. Implementing this feature could save valuable time between captures by allowing for an exposure to start while the previous image is downloading from the camera. Although the delay may only be a few seconds for a local download, it can be significantly longer over a network.
I thought one way to implement it would be to set the burst in one of 4 modes:

  1. Manual - Set number of burst frames
  2. Ad-infinitum - Single trigger until stopped
  3. Stop for Dithering - Frames equal to Dither 'N' frames
  4. Basic - Equal to number of captures in sequence, no dithering
This should provide a flexible way to plan consecutive subs with minimum downtime. It could also be handy for quick bursts to capture events such as an ISS transit.
I imagine this would require a pretty big overhaul of the capture sequence features to trigger captures properly and keep in sync with the frame count as subs successfully download. But I still think it is worth some consideration. Thank you.