Firstable, I apologize if I'm posting this topic in the wrong thread so I was not sure if I had to do it here or in the wish list thread.
I'm using a remotely operated observatory with KStars/Ekos and a Meade LX200GPS telescope.
For years I set up GPS data acquisition to "at start up" with some issues with first syncs but lately I have experiencing serious problems in gps data acquisition; the process is really slow and sometimes doesn't work and the telescope change to demand DST, date and time manually so I decided to change set up to "GPS off" and provide date and time to the telescope externally.
The problem with it is that I need to run a VMWare Windows, then start a software app (MyScope.exe by Andrew Johansen) and from the hbx console, inform date and time manually.
The ideal solution will be to send directly from Ekos to lx200gps current date and pc time (it's checked with NTP Server). There is only one command needed to do so and bypass handbox entry of DST, date and time. The command is: :hIYYMMDDHHMMSS#
I checked for a method but I could'nt find it so I wonder if it could be possible to include this operation in Ekos (a button, open a console to do so manually..) it could be a lot more comfortable than open a Windows virtual machine and it would be a lot appreciated, it would fix an issue for lx200gps really remote facilites with no access to the handbox and problem to receive gps signal as mine.
Thanks in advance.
José Luis