Thank you very much Radek,

I have wired everything and checked all connections with a multimeter. The motor just won't work. I'm starting to think it must be some sort of software issue, for instance missing libraries.
I attached pictures of the RPi and board, and screenshots of the "Astroberry Focuser" tab under INDI. Please not that the default port is /dev/ttyUSB0. This is weird, why should it be USB?

When I send move commands via Ekos, the voltage on SLEEP rises to 3.3, so I think the RPi does send commands. I checked the voltage of the motor at rest, and the readout is 1.5 volts on each of the 4 pins relative to motor power supply GND. Strange.

Vref does not go beyond 1.2V. Is that enough?

Any explanation?