abhoriel replied to the topic 'Atik 314e' in the forum. 4 years ago

Thanks! There is now a button to turn the cooler on and off in Ekos. With the SDK, the cooler seems to be turned on by default, excellent.

This code:

if (camera->getCoolingStatus(&state, &temp, &power) == false) {
		fprintf(stderr, "failed to get cooling status\n");

results in:
Assertion "tempSensorType!=0" failed (/home/polakovic/indi-atik/atikccdusb.cpp, 223)

which is probably fair enough, but if a NULL pointer is passed to getCoolingStatus() for the temperature, it works very well.
initiateWarmUp() fails (returns false), but I'm not really certain what the purpose of initiateWarmUp() is anyway!

Thanks a lot!