Mark replied to the topic 'Weather radio don't want connect' in the forum. 2 years ago

My setup has evolved and looks roughly like this now...

I've had weatherradio running for a long while now using xbee units to talk back to a raspberry pi over serial. The raspberry pi is my weatherstation running weewx and processes the data (my main headache is I still can't find good values for the model constants to get cloud cover accurate % enough for my liking). I then chuck the data back out from weewx to mqtt using the weewx-mqtt plugin.

This is where I diverge slightly. Instead of using wolfgang's driver to connect directly to the weatheradio over http, I now use to pull the weather data from mqtt. This allows me to fill in more data than wolfgang's driver (and I can pull data in from anywhere that can throw it on mqtt) which is useful to fill out the fields on the new weather tab in ekos that aren't covered in the driver.

One other advantage of this is that weewx is good at massaging weather data. So I can use unit conversion functions or build other calculations in weewx before dropping the data onto the queue in the format that indi will want it.