Hi Rob,
thanks for the detailed answer. I'll try to reply to some of your remarks:I wrote that incorrectly. The correct way of putting it is, there's no way for me to force Ekos to do a blind solve easily. All of this started because I had an unsolveable image on my hands, which later turned out to contain wrong coordinates. I wanted to blind solve it, so to discard the FITS info. It isn't currently possible to do so. Load and solve will use the info and there's no way to make it ignore them safe from deleting the info from the actual image. Not sure if the option to blind solve would be useful in many cases, though. But this is what I meant. And as you can see from this answer Jaseem gave me indilib.org/forum/ekos/10035-non-solveable-image.html#73667, the Use Scale and Use Position not being read while Load and Slew is used has fooled him too...And this is why I want a server to run for these kind of requests.I understand your remark, but the radius limitation, as far as I can see, goes into the profile which is used always, including load and slew. Now, if I tri to blind solve, wouldn't a limit on the radius limit the blind solve as well? Or is it ignored in case of an image without info, say a JPG?
Also, in what way is it better to limit the search radius? To get back to my problematic image, setting the search radius to 180 solved it, even if it had those wrong coordinates. Leaving it at 180, all my other images solved quickly anyway, so I'm failing to see the downside of upping it to 180 or so.

Thanks again, also for the github thread!