I checked the video and did some math with the results there, but I have no idea why RA update does not work. To be more weird, the results there do not make any sense. The RA jumps like random offset after syncing, but its update is identical to Dec in the protocol. I think this is a bug in the handset firmware, but strangely enough it works with my AltAz mount with V3 handset.

@Frank: KStars 2.9.6 was released a few days ago. Can you download to your Mac give a try? edu.kde.org/kstars/#download
I am the most curious what are your results now?
- Syncing works.
- RA does not sync, Dec syncs properly.
- None of them syncs properly.

If Frank is lucky, it is possible that this bug is present only in V4 handsets (kross has this version), but not in V3. I and Frank have this version.

Frank, let us now your experiences.