I have also a Virtuoso mount and I am the kinda maintainer-author of these drivers.

The indi_skywatcherAltAzMount driver crashes immediately when the serial connection is established at my side. I discourage to use this old driver, I would remove from the stack, but Jasem wanted to keep it around.

Please use the "Skywatcher Alt-Az Wedge" aka indi_skywatcherAltAzSimple driver. I don't see any positioning problem with this driver+Virtuoso. Just make sure in INDI Control Panel/Skywatcher Alt-Az Wedge:
- Wedge Mode set to Disabled.
- Don't use the parking functions if you don't need what I suppose the case.
- Naked eye or DSLR use? If the mount fails to track a star:
1. Raise Tracking Values if it falls behind.
2. Lower the Tracking Values if it goes ahead.
- With DSLR don't expect more than a few seconds of shots with the higher mag. lenses on this mount.