Marco replied to the topic 'Second USB webcam doesn't work' in the forum. 7 years ago

good news ... it seems that things start going the right way.

After trying some different values for the "Capture Options" parameters, setting Frame Interval at 1/15 with a Capture Size of 640 x 480 did the magics : Live Video in the CCD Tab acquires correctly and I can finally see a beautiful image of my bookshelf ...

It seems that now I can play with different settings and camera reacts as expected, like if something was reseted in the software chain.

Only remaining issue is in the way the image is showed in the autoguide window and saved in the fit file. In the autoguide window, image seems split in two parts, one clearer and one darker, like they were exposed differently. The underlying image , however, is geometrically correct.
In the fit file, the image has the same problem, but , additionally, has a geometry problem like it were out of sync.
An example fit file is attached.

I feel we are very close to the solution ...

Thanks, Marco